I am a self taught photographer and have been behind a camera since I graduated high school back in 2002. I started out with an old Nikon film camera and learned all the technical basics with that. From there I have read many a book about photography, and researched and utilized the internet extensively on everything photography. The rest of my experience is solely from getting out and making photographs. That is the best way to learn any trade.  As you may be able to tell from my blog, I have a wide array of subjects. Most of my work is nature and landscape, but I am excited at the opportunity of new subject matter. If it matters, I shoot a Nikon DSLR and throw in some medium format film for a change of style. I find that the camera doesn’t matter so much as the vision of the photographer. The camera is an extension of the person and if one knows how to use it more efficiently then the experience will go well and great things will result.

I am available for senior picture sessions, family photos, and any other lifestyle pictures depending on the date. I live in Indiana and only make it home to the Monroe area on weekends.

Email for prices and availability.

Contact info:  maxpower_02@msn.com



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