Isla is One ! … And a Little Cousin Fun.

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Xander is 1!

We had so much fun shooting Xander’s 1 year photos. It was a rocky start, but a smooth finish, thanks to a “banana miracle”. According to his Mom, Xander typically likes any and all foods…EXCEPT, bananas. But, on this day, the banana saved the shoot. Here is a sneak peek at the many faces of Xander.

On a side note, I decided to change my photography business from 2 Open Eyes Photography, to Rick Goltowski Photography. I feel this will identify me more as well as being easier to remember and type into a search or web address.

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South Bend Family Shoot

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely family. One lesson I came away with during this session was to shoot, shoot, shoot! The parents did a great job smiling and posing, but capturing a smile on this little one’s face was a little more difficult. We walked away with 400 plus images that yielded a great batch of family photos. Enjoy!

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Fall Fun in the Park

So this is my fourth shoot with this little girl, from newborn to 2 years old, man time flies by. She is just has happy and funny as the first time we met. Even though she doesn’t officially turn two until the end of November, we took advantage of the great fall colors and the warm temperatures. We didn’t want to run into dealing with snow this year. It will be fun watching this girl grow up, oh and her yet to arrive little bro too.

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Oh to be Six Again

This shoot was a real treat, a reminder of what it was like to be 6 again. Getting the most out of your subject is important in photography, emotion is 9/10th of a good photo. I was easy getting this girl to laugh and be silly, you also just have to laugh and be silly. Easy.

I am looking forward to playing working with this girl again. Oh, and her little bro too. The one with the lego bunny is for her, haha.

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